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Concert Tickets Review

Why Online Concert Tickets?

Online concert ticket services help you purchase tickets to events with convenience. Not only can you find exactly where you will sit using interactive seating charts, but you can also select from a variety of shipping options that bring the tickets directly to your door. Between the features and service, online concert ticket sites make buying tickets quick and easy.

Concert ticket websites serve as a platform to connect ticket sellers – whether they are brokers or fans who can no longer attend the event – with buyers. Concert ticket sites not only offer premium seating but also parking passes and VIP packages. Some services also circulate newsletters that update fans on events in the area or special deals.

Online concert ticket services focus on finding you the right seat location, quantity and price. Some online concert ticket services can better fit your needs than others. Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats and StubHub are the top three online concert ticket sites for both service and features. For more information, read our articles on online concert ticket services.

Concert Ticket Services: What to Look For

While concert ticket services offer comparative services, the service fees and shipping vary, which can significantly impact the final price of the concert tickets. As a result, we focused on the convenience features the sites offer, how easy they are to use and also how safe they are to use. We also looked at help and support options.

Service Features
The best concert ticket sites offer features that make tickets easy to locate, purchase and receive before an event. Between e-tickets that are emailed to you and paperless tickets – where you use your credit card as the ticket – you can go to an event without having to ever meet up with the dealer. Some sites also have mobile apps where you can find and buy your ticket from your phone. Most sites also have pick-up centers that are not at the venue, so you can pick them up before the event and avoid long lines.

Additionally, the best concert ticket services have gift certificates you can purchase and give to your friends so they can attend their favorite concerts. Most sites also have rewards programs that give you discounts and credits for frequent purchases.

Several of the services help you sell your tickets as well. If you purchased a ticket and discover that you cannot attend, you can sell your ticket on the site and get back at least some of your expenses. This also means that buyers have a better chance of scoring a hard-to-find ticket that was snapped up by an early-bird fan.

Ordering Conveniences
You want to use a site that is both easy to navigate and one that helps you find tickets quickly. Concert ticket sites that have search engines help you find specific tickets quickly. In addition, interactive seating maps help you find the best seat for the event. Not all venues have interactive maps that show you available seating in the area you want; some simply display the layout of the event. The best maps have pop-ups that show a picture of the view to help you make the best seating choice.

When purchasing tickets from online third-party ticket brokers and other fans, there is risk involved. Most of the services offer security measures that protect both your financial and personal information, whether you are buying or selling on the company's site. Additionally, the company has taken steps to ensure that your tickets are authentic and will be delivered in time for the event. All of the concert ticket services offer refunds for canceled events, but only some of the services allow returns or options to resell if you cannot attend the concert.

Help & Support
While the sites are easy to navigate, you may find yourself needing assistance if you want to resell a ticket or if you make a mistake while checking out. A good online ticket site provides detailed help and support throughout the entire buying process and several different forms of contact so you can reach customer service.

Online concert ticket services help you purchase tickets to your favorite events or concerts. Not only are these services more convenient than purchasing a ticket at the event, but you also can find good deals. Additionally, if you regularly attend concerts, you can join rewards programs and find even better concert ticket deals.